History of Barisheba


History of The Barisheba Central academy

The Barisheba Central academy is a learning Institution which has been on operational since 2001. It was founded by Mr. Mohammed Kabembe and Madam Grace the current head teacher and as well as the administrator.

The first school enrolments were nine pupils. This numbers gradually increased and currently we have over 200 pupils.

The school’s Motto is “IN GOD WE TRUST” it has been truly manifested through our Friday prayers, where by our pupils divide themselves into two religious groups; Islamic and Christianity to exercise their freedom of worship at the assembly time.

The administration has employed 11 qualified hard working teachers and of high and lots of discipline. So far, no ugly incident concerning pupils’ misbehaviours has not been reported from the school’s community to the administration office.

The school for the first time enrolled it’s standard 8 pupils for K.C.P.E last year 2008, and out of the 14 pupils who sat for the exams 12 of them were selected and joined public Secondary schools with the highest having scored a total of 411 marks. Therefore, this year will be our second time for our pupils to sit for the K.C.P.E National exams. We are looking forward for their excellence this year.


A Welcome Note / Message:We at the Barisheba Central academy are pleased to welcome you to our learning Institution. For quality and better education …

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